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Formation of Committee to Craft Bengali Plaque Commemorating UNESCO Recognition for Santiniketan

The central university's spokesperson stated that the committee will review the pre-prepared Hindi and English versions of the new plaque to ensure compliance with the instructions of the Union Education Ministry.

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Kolkata, Nov 20 (The Street Press India) – Visva Bharati University announced on Monday that they’ve set up a committee to decide on the new Bengali plaque, replacing the previous one, regarding UNESCO’s recognition of Santiniketan as a heritage site.

The committee will review the ready Hindi and English versions of the new plaque to ensure they align with the instructions from the Union Education Ministry, as stated by Mahua Banerjee, the spokesperson for the central university, in an official statement.

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Mahua Banerjee stated that Acting Vice-Chancellor Sanjoy Kumar Mallick has been instructed that promptly installing the official UNESCO statement recognizing Santiniketan as a heritage site is a top priority. The ministry has been assured that the university is committed to avoiding unnecessary delays in completing this task.

Banerjee conveyed that the ministry was notified that immediately after receiving the draft statement, a committee was established to conclude the Bengali version of the plaque’s text. The committee also ensured parity of statements across the three languages—Bengali, Hindi, and English. The university is steadfast in its commitment to avoid any unnecessary delays in this process.

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A controversy arose when three plaques, installed following the UNESCO heritage status granted on September 17 to Santiniketan (where Visva Bharati is situated), omitted the name of Rabindranath Tagore. Instead, they featured the names of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the chancellor of the central university, and the then vice-chancellor Bidyut Chakraborty.

Visva Bharati was established by the bard in Santiniketan, his beloved place.

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Ashramites, students, and individuals connected to the place, along with political parties such as the Trinamool Congress and BJP, vehemently criticized the decision. TMC staged a sit-in near the university campus following an outcry by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who issued a “deadline to initiate the process for addressing the anomalies” at Visva Bharati. Mallick, she mentioned, was invited to a recent Delhi meeting where various issues, including the plaque matter, were discussed. He was also urged to expedite the appointment of a regular VC, treating it as a matter of utmost priority.

The statement further conveyed that the ministry was informed about the announcement of a single-agenda meeting of the Visva Bharati executive council. Additionally, permission has been sought from the chancellor, following protocol, for a meeting of the samsad (Court), both deemed necessary to kickstart the process.

Banerjee stated in her announcement that the interim VC was instructed to ensure a “dignified and graceful exit” for the former VC, Bidyut Chakraborty, whose tenure concluded on November 8.

The statement mentioned that Chakraborty’s legal advisor sent an email on November 15, stating the former VC needs to stay in the official bungalow until November 30. The university is currently examining this intimation in accordance with the rules.

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