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Chhat Puja Concludes with Devotees Offering Sun Prayers at Haripur Chhat Ghat in Siliguri’s Fulbari

Chhat Puja: Devotees Unite in Prayer at Ghats, Perform Rituals for Wishes, Concluding with Offerings to the Rising Sun in Reverence.

Fulbari, Nov 20 (The Street Press India) – During the special celebration of Chhat Puja, a huge group of worshipers gathered at Fulbari’s Haripur Chhat Ghat to offer their prayers.

Reports indicate that on Sunday, numerous worshipers gathered at various Chhat ghats in Siliguri, actively participating in traditional rituals from the early hours. Throughout the four-day festival, devotees fast, abstaining from food but not water, praying for the well-being and longevity of their children.

The Chhat Ghat in Haripur, near Siliguri’s Fulbari-I Gram Panchayat, witnessed a bustling atmosphere with a significant turnout of devotees, reflecting the spirit of the occasion.

On this special day, thousands of devotees come together at Chhat Ghats to earnestly offer their prayers. A significant number of them visit the Chhat Ghat, engaging in the traditional “Dandi Kata” ritual, expressing their hopes for the fulfillment of their wishes.

As the Chhat Mahaparva concludes, worshipers express their reverence by presenting various offerings to the rising sun.

Sk Sahiluddin
Sk Sahiluddin
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