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Modi: Peace Slowly Returning to Conflict-Affected Manipur

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New Delhi, Aug 15 (The Street Press) – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Tuesday that things are getting better in the troubled northeastern state of Manipur. Around 180 people lost their lives, and tens of thousands had to leave their homes due to fighting between different groups since May.

The central government has sent security forces to the hilly state bordering Myanmar, which is ruled by Modi’s party. They’re trying to stop the fighting there. This is happening while Modi is trying to win a third term in the upcoming election, which is set to take place before May next year.

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Narendra Modi mentioned during his Independence Day speech from New Delhi’s Red Fort that they have been hearing news about increased peace in Manipur lately. He said that the whole country supports the people of Manipur and hopes that they will continue to embrace this newfound peace and make progress.

The fighting between the main Meitei group and the smaller Kuki group started because they were competing for things like better education, jobs, and power from the government.

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Around 21 women have sadly lost their lives in these events. Many cases of rape have also caught the world’s attention and made people wonder if Modi’s party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), can really keep things safe.

Modi spoke out against the violence towards women in Manipur and pledged to take strong measures. However, other political parties say that his government has caused divisions in the state and hasn’t done sufficient work to stop the fights.

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The government disagrees with these claims and managed to overcome a vote of no-confidence from the opposition last Thursday regarding their handling of the situation.

Modi mentioned that both the state and national governments are putting in a lot of effort and will keep doing so to find a peaceful solution.

According to civil rights groups in Manipur, many people who left their homes are too afraid to come back. Bringing things back to normal will need money and legal help. The Chief Minister of Manipur raised India’s flag in the city of Imphal to mark Independence Day, and officials said there were no reports of violence at that moment.

During his speech, Modi talked about the different ways he has worked to help people, like making things better socially and economically. He also said that even if he wins another term, he’ll keep focusing on making India strong and rich.

Leaders from a group of opposition parties in India, known as “INDIA,” shared their belief that this Independence Day speech might be Modi’s final one because they think his party won’t do well in the upcoming election.

Jairam Ramesh, a member of the opposition Congress party, mentioned that they can see Modi’s nine years in power as a series of wrong decisions, unfairness, and maybe most importantly, bad intentions. He explained that talking big and trying to look impressive can’t hide the real situation anymore, and this reality is clear to everyone in the country.

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