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Danish Ali, Suspended from BSP, Denies Involvement in Anti-Party Activities

Expressing his viewpoint, the MP from Amroha deemed party supremo Mayawati's decision to suspend him as "unfortunate."

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New Delhi, Dec 10 (The Street Press India) – Following his suspension from the BSP, MP Danish Ali emphasized that he never took part in any actions against the party. Instead, he vocalized his opposition to what he considers “anti-people” policies of the BJP-led government. Ali expressed his determination to “fight back” while standing firm on his principles. He regarded the party supremo Mayawati’s decision to suspend him as “unfortunate.”

On Saturday, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) suspended Ali, the MP from Amroha, citing “anti-party” activities in a concise statement from its Uttar Pradesh unit. This decision followed Ali’s participation, along with other opposition members, in walking out of Lok Sabha proceedings the previous day. The protest was in objection to the government’s motion to expel TMC member Mahua Moitra for “unethical conduct,” while other BSP members chose to remain seated in the House.

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In a post in Hindi on X after his suspension from the party, Ali expressed gratitude to BSP chief Mayawati for granting him a party ticket and aiding his journey to becoming a Lok Sabha member. Despite being named the leader of the BSP parliamentary party, he deemed Mayawati’s decision unfortunate. Ali affirmed his dedicated efforts to strengthen the BSP, asserting that he never engaged in any anti-party activities. He highlighted his opposition to the BJP-led government’s policies, vowing to continue advocating for the people of Amroha. Ali also emphasized his stance against corruption by certain crony capitalists, emphasizing his commitment to genuine public service.

Ali stated that if advocating for the causes he believes in is deemed a crime, he willingly accepts any consequences that may follow. He assured the people of Amroha of his unwavering commitment to serving them.

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During a press conference at his residence, Ali elaborated on his support for Moitra, who faced expulsion from the Lok Sabha. He emphasized taking responsibility to stand against perceived injustice towards a female parliamentarian, both within the ethics committee and during the recent proceedings. The Amroha MP reiterated his stance on defending principles he deems important.

Ali emphasized his commitment to defending the honor of women and considered it a badge of honor to stand against injustice both inside and outside the committee. He expressed pride in fulfilling the opposition role assigned by the people in Parliament.

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Asserting his determination, Ali declared his intent to fight back without compromising on his ideology and principles. From the day he became an MP, he has consistently raised his voice for the exploited, deprived, and backward sections of society in alignment with the party’s ideology and the interests of the people. He affirmed that if advocating for these causes is considered anti-party, he remains undeterred and will persist in opposing injustice.

Ali stressed that he adhered to both party ideology and the Constitution. In August 2019, during his tenure as the leader of the parliamentary party, he faced challenges due to “confusion on party line” regarding certain bills. Opting for a straightforward approach, he bore the consequences and was subsequently removed from the position, a decision he accepted.

Despite the BSP, led by Mayawati, maintaining a distance from both the ruling alliance and the opposition, Ali actively aligned himself with the opposition, particularly in criticizing the BJP and its policies. Notably, he gained attention recently when BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri made objectionable remarks against him in Parliament.

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